Lead Nurturing Do's and Don’ts

March 31, 2014

lead-nurturing-dos-and-dontsLead nurturing is the process of cultivating leads that aren’t yet ready to buy. Lead nurturing is at the core of any good sales-based business. Without it, a vast majority of qualified leads would simply forget the company ever called and move on. Just because a qualified lead is not yet ready to buy, does not mean they will never be ready to buy. However, unless you have a consistent nurturing process the sale may be lost. There are several things sales teams do, and don’t do, that can easily alienate a qualified lead. This leads to loss of revenue for the company. If you are looking for ways to improve lead nurturing across the company follow these do’s and do not’s.

Do: Test, Track and Re-evaluate

Lead nurturing can be tricky, specifically because different markets segments will respond differently to lead nurturing tactics. To account for these differences it is important to employ a testing approach. Test out different approaches, and monitor the outcomes. Ensure that you have collected enough data so that your result is statistically significant and you can depend on it when you roll it out. It is perfectly normal to expect different segments to respond to completely different strategies, so focus on finding the most effective tactic for each segment rather than throwing a single approach at all of them.


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