Is the Customer Always Right?

March 12, 2014

For far too long, salespeople have been operating under the belief that the customer is always right—even when they’re wrong. It wasn’t considered “good business” to argue with a customer, or to point out their mistakes. While it’s not a good idea to insult a customer, differentiating your team may be enhanced by your willingness to point out a customer’s mistakes or oversights. If your sales team is having trouble meeting goals and hitting targets, it could be partially due to an outdated view of their role regarding the customer. If they’re still acting only as problem solvers, then you’re the one with the problem. The role of the salesperson has greatly expanding and those who don’t keep up will be left behind.

A World of Problem Solvers

When a customer encounters a problem, one of their first steps is usually to research that problem – usually on the internet. This gives them access to a wealth of information about the issue and proposed solutions, and introduces them to thousands of people who are in various stages of dealing with similar situations. By the time they come to your sales team (if they do), they’ll already have some sense of a solution in mind, and a good idea of what that solution should cost. This relegates your sales team to the role of broker—their only hope of closing the deal is to underbid other companies that offer the same value. All of the training and experience your sales team has to offer is wasted in what amounts to price quote.


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