How to be More Effective in Sales

December 23, 2013

how-to-be-more-effective-in-salesFor most salespeople, increasing sales productivity requires them to develop effective sales techniques. Without effective sales techniques, the only sales you make are to customers who initially have a very high propensity to buy from you. Typically, this doesn’t represent a large enough demographic to build an entire career upon. Developing more effective sales skills isn’t hard, but it does take focus, and a willingness to change. Once you’ve adopted these techniques, you’ll find that they’ll help make you a more effective sales person.

Mouth Closed, Ears Open

A prospect will tell you everything you need to know to increase your sales effectiveness, if you give them the chance. While you do need add value and stimulate the conversation, you shouldn’t be directing the dialog or trying to steer it in a particular direction. For the first few minutes, it should be all about listening to their wants and needs. It’s during this time that you’re learning all of the details that will allow you to pull them into a more compelling engagement and culminating in a purchase. If you’re too busy talking, or steer the conversation away from where they would like it to go, you’ll miss out on important information—and diminish the probably of the sale.


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