5 Problems with Social Media and How it’s Affecting Your Networking

December 18, 2013

5-problems-with-social-media-and-how-its-affecting-your-networkThere is no denying that social media has grown in recent years, not only in popularity but also in power. We’re all networking at unprecedented levels through platforms like Twitter, Vine, LinkedIn and more. As social media has grown, so too have social media problems. Even the most tech-savvy business can find itself mired in social media problems and the networking nightmares they can create.

Keeping Your Network Safe

Online privacy continues to be one of the thornier social media problems. Workers whose attention wanders to the internet aren’t always as cautious as they should be, which could result in accidental downloads of malware, spyware and all manner of viruses. At best, this costs you time and money; at worst, the private information of your business or your customers can be stolen and used maliciously. As the owner of the desk where the buck stops, the burden falls to you to make amends.


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