How Can Marketing Benefit from Social Selling?

June 17, 2014

A marketing leader has many marketing activities to choose from. How do you know which are the most effective at reaching new customers? Do they respond to your emails? Probably not. We’ve noticed a consistent decline in response rates. So what’s a marketer to do? Which tactic can you deploy to give you the greatest chance for success? And which is most likely to result in an appointment for your sales team?

The answer lies in social selling. Today’s marketers must be fluent in how to use this modern prospecting tool. According to our research, you are 4.2x more likely to get an appointment if there is a personal connection with a buyer. Is your team spending time building relationships with prospective buyers?  And once you’ve built these relationships, how to turn them into appointments?


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Will You Miss the Number Again This Quarter?


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Are You Targeting the Right Accounts?



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